Volt Saver Pty Ltd is a dynamic Electrical Contractor, which primarily is focused on power quality solutions. Our business operates across Australia providing individually tailored client solutions.

Many businesses operating in Australia and New Zealand are currently wasting as much as 40% of the energy they produce from their local energy supplier. While business managers continually strive to reduce tangible input waste, such as raw materials and labour, few companies address intangible and invisible inputs such as electrical power.

Spurred on by an ever growing demand for creative change in energy saving solutions, Managing Director Hugh Pryce and Technical Director Jim Gizelis relish the opportunity to explore ways of doing things different.

According to Hugh;

“We want every one of our customers to get the very best of what we do via our individually tailored power quality energy solutions”
Over the past few years Volt Saver has worked closely with Phillip Lawrence of Ecological Strategies on developing a business model that builds on the knowledge established in research that reveals companies can gain significant financial advantages from an improved quality of electrical power. Phillip’s academic research from 2004 and continuing is providing Volt Saver with a skill set unequalled and will greatly help clients benefit from Power Quality improvements.

According to Phillip Lawrence;

“Poor Power Quality is the cause of energy waste but more important it is a primary cause of mechanical and electrical problems in the commercial world that includes manufacturing and service industries. According to research poor Power Quality is the major contributor to a business sites maintenance costs. Fixing a site’s Power Factor, addressing Harmonic Distortions, eliminating 3 phase separation and cutting out spikes, sags and surges in voltage will greatly benefit a business bottom line over many years of operation”.
Volt Saver Pty Ltd offers Power Quality technologies such as:

Voltage Stabilization

  • Reduced energy costs 8% to 25%
  • Reduced maintenance costs can be greater than 50%
  • Reduced Peak Demand around 8% to 22%
  • Improved Power Quality
  • Improved site performance

Power Factor Correction

  • Improved Power Quality
  • Reduced Peak Demand 8% to 25%
  • Improved site performance

UPS systems

  • Energy Backup power
  • Improved Power Quality