Independent research shows that lowering the voltage supplied to electrical equipment reduces energy consumption. The iVolt® is a state-of-the-art variable voltage optimisation unit that will reduce your energy consumption and can cut your electricity bill by up to 25%. > Energy savings with iVolt®

The iVolt® is an electronic voltage stabiliser. Taking measurements over 3,000 times per second, the iVolt® maximises energy savings by using unique microprocessor, thyristor and transformer technology to ensure that the output power to your facilities is stable and optimised for maximum energy savings. > More on voltage optimisation

iVolt® units are available for sites ranging from small retail units up to large industrial complexes, with an investment payback period of typically 2–3 years. > iVolt® features & benefits

A solid state microprocessor-controlled device, the iVolt® is built around Sollatek’s Voltage Stabiliser technology and is over 99.4% efficient at full load. The in-built patented IRT Energy Monitor® enables you to track your energy savings based on real-time data, without relying on assumptions and modelling. > IRT Energy Monitor® Learn More