Voltage Optimisation

The Energy Efficient Business Team of the Office of Environment & Heritage within the NSW Government with input from suppliers, industry bodies and energy specialists from across Australia has developed a publication on Voltage Optimisation;

”I am your guide to voltage optimisation: is it right for you?”.

Please take time to read their publication;




Wine Industry Suppliers Australia (WISA) presented the National Wine Industry IMPACT Awards at a ceremony attended by more than 400 VIP guests at the Adelaide Town Hall in South Australia on 19th October 2017.

Industry experts selected the winners from 15 finalists in categories including engineering, winemaking, packaging, distribution & logistics, marketing & communications, grape growing and tourism, along with a new start-up category recognising emerging ventures featuring outstanding products, processes or services.

SCE Energy Solutions/Alkoomi Wines won the Engineering category, which presented a joint case study of innovative and environmentally friendly Voltage Stabilising Systems to minimise energy costs while bringing new levels of power supply, security and reliability to the winery operations in Western Australia.

Matthew Moate, WISA Executive Officer said the national awards were highly regarded by peers in the wine and grape growing sectors with a 70% increase in entries this year. “The Australian grape and wine industry along the complete supply chain is at the leading edge of innovation with dynamic solutions and products that advance the sector and enhance consumer engagement with our wines and tourism experiences“, he said.

Matthew also commented that, “all entrants presented outstanding qualifications for the award with the judges having a challenging task to short list finalists and select the ultimate winners that are making such a positive impact in the industry“.

Leon Bignell, the Minister for Tourism & Agriculture, Food and Fisheries, offered his congratulations to the winners; “South Australia’s premium wine sets us apart internationally and it’s fantastic to recognise the supplies to this important sector“, he said. “The culture of excellence in viticulture & winemaking starts with great suppliers and it keeps us competitive on the world stage“.

Senator Anne Ruston, Assistant Federal Minister for the Agriculture and Water Resources said, “The Wine Industry IMPACT Awards acknowledge and celebrate the many groups along the value chain that are adding capability and competitiveness to our wine producers. The finalists are all outstanding. They are one of the reasons our industry is tracking so well with our wine exports forecast to exceed 800 million litres and $2.5 billion in 2017-2018“.

This is a fantastic achievement for iVolt in the ever growing demand for creative change in energy saving solutions.